Ancient Healing: a New Reality

                                        Sat /Sun Dec 19 & 20  12:30-4             


Fee  $70 / $60 advance registration (either session is a stand alone workshop repeating the material)                      

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The song of Winter is dark and low, things are waiting to emerge. Persevering and deepening practice is the way. Stillness can take time, each breath moves things a little. Look out and see the leafy vail pulled aside..True Yin 

The expression of Cold, frozen moment that lingers, bracing bright on the cheeks, far-off sounds come to the ear across the frozen lake. 

  Ancient Winter was a test of faith and the astronomers of that time watched                     the stars rise and fall on the bare horizon to mark the return of the light. 

Shelter and fire provided the spark to be nurtured through the cold time and the            herbs and roots that had been gathered were sustaining broth. 

Water can flow, freeze, evaporate and carry warmth or cold into the body from outside.  We are watery animals and our cells rely on water to cleanse and restore. Hot tea or cool spring water are reliable and satisfying and can be enhanced with herbs and spices to warm or cool. 

Our grandmothers and great grandmothers carried the knowledge of healing teas and liniments which we must now go to research and restore as our birthright knowledge. 

Porridge, soups, grains and bones were constantly on the hearth ready to bring internal warmth to ward off the outer chill of a day’s work. 

Movement generates warmth but stillness can also create an inner fire. This is the fire that is generated between the kidneys. The lower spine takes the weight of the upright animal. We need flow in our life and flexible strength. In this workshop we will examine the relationship of the spine and Kidney energy flow. Points and postures, movements and meditations for accessing the deepest level of your physical being. A vibration in your bones to awaken that spark of new light we need to prepare the way out of the darkness. 

All life is governed by the flow of Qi. This is the manifestation of life force that creates polarity and movement of currents in the cells and in the body as a whole. We change the flow pattern every day when we go to sleep and wake. 

Becoming aware as to how these flows interact and integrate in your life as internal and external responses to life is of the essence of a happier and more comfort-able sojourn in the body. 

Learn the basics of the Water phase of the Five Phases theory and how to put into practice movements and meditations that will ease your path in life.

Instructor: Mike Basdavanos is a teacher of Medical Qigong & Internal martial arts of Taijiquan and Yiquan.

Experience is the best teacher and the workshop will be geared to provide many experiences to participants. We will use accelerated learning methods to help retain the teaching and have some fun. 

*the same material is repeated in each session

“When Cold enters the channels it obstructs Qi and blood causing pain” Su Wen     

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