This workshop will help you develop the sensory feedback to gauge your Qi field in relation to the Heart and the 3 'Dantians’ or energetic fields of the human body. 

Using breath 

Using movement 

Using contemplation 

and applying our felt sense of Qi fields we can then look at ways to unblock the Heart and harmonize emotions and spirit. 


Five Phases Theory describes the changing conditions of the climatic seasons and the basic grounding of personal constitution. Our physical, emotional and spiritual environment resonate through and within each other creating conditions for personal change or repetitive behaviors. Qigong seeks to apply awareness of the Qi ‘energy’ field that serves as a ground for thought, physical action, and comfort. 


Through movement, contemplative breathing and relaxation you can become more aware of how Qi affects your state of being and begin to make adjustments to improve your inner ‘climate’


The sensed reality of your own energy is an immediate way to change your direction and relationship to the physical world. 


We will practice simple breathing routines for adjusting to Summer Heat. Learn the pathways of Qi for the Heart-Small Intestine axis and the Triple Energizer-Heart Mediatior axis of Chinese medicine theory. Focus on potent acupoints and ways to connect to the arising awareness of acupoint energy to practical application. The Light-Heartedness of your own life force can lift your spirit. Small physical adjustments in breathing and posture can make all the difference. 


After reviewing the channel flows of Qi for the Fire phase we will learn movements to focus on areas of the body to support the free flow of Qi. 


The Fire phase is a dynamic and stimulating time when things come into fullness and abundant growth. 

Fire also is the realm of spiritual encounter, whatever your belief system or non-belief system you can catch ‘fire’ and that feels very different than smoldering and smothering. 


The Heart organ requires oxygen and the blood brings that nourishment to it, a complete breath is nourishing and restorative and given that the Lungs ‘massage’ the Heart by their

     action or inaction it follows that working with a subtle change in breathing can bring about a change of Heart. 

The Heart and Lungs represent Fire and Metal on the Five Phases cycle and Fire is thought to control Metal or even injure Metal if it burns to hot. On the other hand Metal can have a moderating effect on the activity of Fire to keep 

 it buring moderately and tempering the effect of 'firey' emotion through awareness, presence, and breath. 


Also associated with the Fire is the channel system of the Triple Energizer and Heart Mediator or Pericardium. 

Although there are physical structures that can be associated with the Triple energizer and 

Pericardium the more potent function is the support and integration of whole 

body systems and consciousness of being that serve to ‘move’ us to be who we are and can become. Having ‘Fire’ in the belly and being open hearted are ideas that can be directly supported by these two channel systems. 


Whatever you feed your belly you also feed your head. Messages are constantly being sent 

from the Heart and digestive system to the brain to cause the internal ‘climate’ to respond in a certain way to perceived situations. Having an understanding of the sensed reality of Qi that can communicate to us through the

Triple Energizer and Heart Mediator is a unique tool for us to have when stress occurs.  


Qi fields are accessible through learning certain skills and developing our sensing antenna and knowledge of sensitive conjunction points in the Qi matrix.